Speaking with a heavy heart

Today it's all I can do to hold back tears. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary is heartbreaking. It seems like everyone wants to know why but I don't think that question will be answered. Tonight I will pray for all for the families of Newtown. I will also pray that this kind of violence in our world can come to and end. 

I can't help to think about my first graders- precious and innocent. I did not find out about the event until after school. As an educator I feel that the school is supposed to be where our kids come to feel safe and welcomed. Not come in fear. As usual my entire focus on Friday was on my students, not the news. I found out that afternoon after my students left. I keep thinking what would I have done as there teacher in that kind of crisis? I will give all of my students a hug tomorrow as they walk in the door. My heart is heavy for Newtown.