How sweet it is..

Did anyone catch on to my title? I have "how sweet it is to be loved by you" stuck in my head. Not a bad way to start Friday! I'm changing it to "how sweet it is to be at home" for the purpose of todays post. 

I am SO happy to be home for the holidays!! 

My favorite thing about coming home is being able to wake up to my Basset hounds, coffee already brewed, and being able to sit and watch Good Morning America with NOTHING to do!! I actually do have plans today but as far as the morning time goes I am free to relax. 

Last night my mom made a pot of homemade chili, cheese toast with avocado and wine. Can we say welcome home?! It was absolutely perfect. 

While I love coming home to relax, I also like being able to do fun "stuff." I have a few exciting happenings over break that include, a trip to Richmond, a family Christmas party, Winter Wonderland trip with my mom and sister, outdoor ice skating, Monday night bingo at the bar, and some New Years festivities!! Oh and Christmas of course! 

First up on the list is the trip to Richmond. I'm leaving this afternoon with my all time best friend Ashley to head to the river city and meet up with some college friends. We have a limo rented out to drive us around a Tacky Light Christmas Tour. I'm so excited for the festivities! Here are some lights from past years..

Happy Friday friends!