Thanksgiving Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, lots of food, and maybe a little shopping. My family hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year which meant my mom and sister did  most of the cooking. I helped in some ways (like making the Bloody Mary drinks for mom and I, ha) but couldn't do too much as I found watching my sister maneuvering around the kitchen amusing. She is a rookie in the kitchen and had a couple little humorous mishaps. 

After a late lunch that was delicious, I of course had to take a small nap before my sister and I attempted Black Friday shopping. I have never participated in the trend believe it or not. Ginny and I thought we would hop on the band wagon in search of deals on clothing. I am obviously not a pro at the whole midnight shopping thing and could hardly stay awake come 8pm. We decided to go to a 10pm movie to kill some time before the stores opened at 12. We went to see the movie Pitch Perfect. We also might have had a slight blonde moment on our journey though.. As we were sitting in the theatre waiting on the movie to start we kept seeing guys walk in. Of course it is not abnormal for guys to head to the theatre but we did think it was odd we were the ONLY girls to see this semi girly movie. Only after laughing at these boys for a good 15 minutes did we realize maybe, just maybe, were we in the wrong movie. Sure enough, yes we were. We were sitting in the middle of Red Dawn. We got a good laugh before awkwardly walking out and heading to the right movie. 

The movie ended just in time for shopping! I was able to score a couple deals for myself, part of my sisters gift and a gift for my mom. I think shopping was a success!