Election Fun

Just a note: I have no idea who has won/will win the 2012 Presidential Election when I write this post. While the election can bring stress and anticipation it can also bring hope, excitement and a little bit of fun! There is something magical about not knowing what to expect and having hope. My election fun started yesterday when my kids got a taste of the political process. To bring it down to a first grade level my grade level hosted a 2012 Cookie Election. Who will win.. chocolate chip cookies or butter? Students were able to taste test, cast a ballot and vote on their favorite cookie. 

Well votes were cast and chocolate chip it is! 

It's been said that southerners will use any excuse to throw a party. I've heard of everything from it's fall parties to hurricane parties. (yes.. let's have a party because there is a hurricane? not one of my finer moments from college) Just like a reason to celebrate us southerners also love any reason to dress up. Being election day I of course had to sport red, white and blue today! 

To watch the election coverage several girls and I got together to celebrate. We made cupcakes, dip and mulled wine. [just a side note... if it was socially/physically acceptable to drink nothing but pumpkin spice latte's and mulled wine I would do it. Those two things make me the happiest girl in the world] It was so much fun to watch and discuss the coverage with the girls!

Question for my teacher friends:

I really want to set up a website where I can post pictures of my students for parents to see. I also want to make sure it is private, safe and free. Does anyone know of a good site to use?