Doorways of Shanghai

Temple guardians at the doors of Shanghai's City God Temple, located with in  the Yuyuan Garden  and Bazaar  complex.

Just thought of a photographic theme for this blog posting: some views of doors, doorways and archways of Shanghai, just to reflect on the diversity of architecture and design to be found in this most interesting and absorbing of cities. I've selected a few of the classical Chinese doors and entrances together with the more modern Edwardian and art deco designs for contrast.  

The carved stone entrance to the famous Yuyuan classical gardens.

Two doorways of the HSBC (now Pudong Development Bank) Building on the Bund. 

Two more solid cast iron doors of the Edwardian HSBC Building on the Bund, and a window in between.

The imposing doorway of Customs House on the Bund, just north of the HSBC Building.

Art deco lattice work on the gates and fences of the Jinjiang Hotel. 

An archway at Longhua Temple, looking into the Bell Tower,

Moon-shaped gate to Longhua temple garden.

A  gateway along a busy street in Zhujiajiao.

Entrance to the famous Covered Corridor Bridge (Lang Qiao) which spans a canal in Zhijiajiao. 

Simple is beautiful. A shop house on the streets of Zhujiajiao.