Time Flies

I am in complete shock at how fast this first nine weeks has gone by. Today marked the end of the first marking period. It absolutely FLEW by. We needed the marking period with a little Pumpkin Math. I think I was more excited than the students! It was fun to break away from the curriculum for a day to have a little fun. I was SO lucky to have parent volunteers come in to help! The day was a huge success! 

Measuring the ciucumfrence 

Counting seeds 

Finished product! 

Does it sink or float?

I'm definitely attached to all of my students. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring. I know I ended up at this school this year for a reason. I feel blessed! 

On another note, last weekend I was able to head home for the weekend which is always nice. Mom claims I need to stop visiting because it breaks the bank stocking me up with groceries, gas, etc. I say it's all worth it .. whatcha think mom? (: My family and I went to a wedding in Greensboro at the Carolina Theatre. The wedding was gorgeous but what I enjoyed most was spending time with my parents. It's fun connecting with my family in a different way than I did when I was younger. 

She has definitely become my best friend! Love you! 

I'm supposed to be in Raleigh right now for Color Me Rad but the hurricane is messing me up. I guess I will see in the morning if I'm able to go or not! Fingers crossed!