Happy kids=Happy Teacher

Hi, I'm Amanda
and I am not a huge fan of animals

okay I said it, gasp if you must. 

Of course I love my adorable Basset Hounds and many a lab or two
but I love them even more if they aren't touching, licking, etc in my bubble. 

Moving away from dogs, not so much a fan of being around really anything else 

Animals gross me out

I say all of this to tell you that I have completely lost my mind

As much as having to touch these little creatures gives me the chills I am so excited. 
I know my kids are going to LOVE this and that makes me one happy teacher (: 

I'm not telling my students until next week but I'm so excited I had to go ahead and share! 

on another note.. 
We're almost through the week. I'm ready for the weekend!!