GLIMPSES OF HONG KONG October 2012 / Morning, Noon and Night I

My bi-annual pilgrimage to Hong Kong usually takes place in February or October, specifically to attend the Hong Kong Arts Festival (now that the Singapore Arts Festival is fast going nowhere) and The Joy of Music Festival (there's nothing like it in Singapore). Since I missed the boat in February, my October sojourn comes with a vengeance. Camera happy, as always, here are some of my glimpses of Hong Kong during my short five day stay.

Here are some views from the fourth floor breakfast hall of the YMCA Salisbury Hotel where I stayed. Beside the fabled Peninsula Hotel, it has the best view of the Hong King Cultural Centre (right), Space Museum and Art Museum (left) and some skyscrapers of Hong Kong island across the harbour.

A panoramic view of the Southwestern tip of Kowloon peninsula.

Across the harbour in Hong Kong island is Central, where the commercial and banking district is located.  

The International Financial Centre (IFC) Tower in Central used to be Hong Kong's tallest building. Now it is second only to another building located in West Kowloon, which is just visible in the lower right corner of the photo on the right. 

Hong Kong City Hall is a drab looking low-rise building which does not appear in these pages. However here are some views outside. Interesting looking park benches on the road that is built on reclaimed land where Blake Pier used to be. The coat of arms of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment at the gate that leads to the memorial gardens just outside City Hall. It reads Nulli secundus in oriente (Second To None in the Orient). The regiment was founded in 1854 and disbanded in 1995, just before Hong Kong was handed back to the Chinese. Its a pleasant surprise that the People's Liberation Army has not attempted to obliterate this part of Hong Kong colonial history.

Outside of the Legislative Council Building stands the Cenotaph, which commemorates the dead from both World Wars.
Its Sunday morning, and Hong Kong's cosplay enthusiasts have come out in full force to participate in the Central Rat Race. Wonder who won the big cheese?