The Bowery Boys podcast turn 5 years old today!

And so our little history podcast experiences a little bit of a historical milestone itself.

Five years ago today, Tom Meyers and I sat down to record our very first podcast, over a bottle of wine and some brand new recording equipment. That first episode went by the unfortunate and unoriginal name 'New York 'Cast', a name which we abandoned in the second show, having been suddenly inspired by a certain well-dressed street gang described in Herbert Asbury's 'Gangs of New York'. This blog came along a couple weeks later.

The first topic of our first show was Collect Pond and Canal Street. We re-explored the topic to far more interesting effect in our 50th episode.

Hopefully you'll indulge us over the next few weeks as we look back on some of our big moments and give nod to some of the history we've already discussed.

I'm also using this occasion to launch a couple other Bowery Boys projects later this summer. The first should be ready to go starting late next month!

We've recorded 139 shows, with number 140 coming up next week. Although I've recorded a few solo shows -- and there have been a handful with special guests -- the most popular have featured both myself and Tom. If you haven't yet listened to the podcast yet, give it a try! Go to iTunes and download a few shows.

Here's a list of what I would consider our most successful episodes -- either by number of total listens/downloads or by the overall quality of the program. If you wouldn't mind, please vote for your favorite. This will help us come up with new ideas for the rest of the year.

Below: Take our poll!

The Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast: What's your favorite episode?

At top: A rather unconventional looking New York City skyline. 'High buildings in New York at night.' Turn of the century postcard, courtesy the New York Public Library