Summer Reading

I don't know what it is about summer and reading but it just goes together. Maybe it's because summer is when you actually have time to read. I know being in school that's how it was for me! I tend to accumulate quite a long list of books to read, never actually reading them all before I add more. This summer I have been stuck on one book in particular that was just okay but not that great. What this really means is.. it keeps me entertained for about 10 pages then puts me to sleep. Do you know how long it takes to read a 400 page book at this rate? A while.. On the boat this past weekend I had my book out and it accidentally flew off and into the water. It stinks that I don't get to finish it but it means I can finally start reading all the books everyone and there brother is talking about!!

This is how far behind I am..

I'm now reading The Hunger Games.. and love it! I don't fall asleep while reading like the other, ha. I'm hoping to finish it this week and then move on to Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I'm really enjoying the book but enjoy even more talking about it to the girl I babysit. She just turned 11 and has the first two of the trilogy. Although, I still can't get over the concept of a game where you kill people? It's nice to talk to her about them because all of my friends have moved on to what is next on the list....

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. What is it with the trilogies? I obviously have a lot of reading to do. This one is ALL I hear about. I want to read it n.o.w.

What do yall think of these books? I know at least some, if not most, of you ladies have read them! Should I put down Hunger Games and pick up Fifty Shades immediately?

Good thing I have lots of pool days in my near future, I will be reading up a storm!