Stine Goya loves ADAX

ADAX has its first collaboration ever after nearly 30 years in the business together with Stine Goya. Stylish Outlaw Society was, of course, there to check them out. 

The collection has 11 different pieces like weekend bags, iphone covers, computer covers, clutches and so on. It also comes in about 5 different colors where we found or favorite color directly; a red color that they chose to call Rosewood. We all were amazed by the simple design with innovative details and we all wanted to have one in each color and size. I also was told that the gold details actually contains some real gold.. 

The prices for the bags will be about 500€ for the big weekend bag and 50€ for the smaller ones like the iphone cover. What a bargain for high quality bags like that!

After a little chat with Eugen Silfen, managing director for ADAX, he gave me an exciting comment about the future: "This is not the last collaboration. Hopefully next time it is together with a Swedish brand."