Stuffed Jalapenos'

Over Thanksgiving break I learned how to make a stuffed jalapeno peppers! They were easy as can be and just delicious! This Friday night is my sorority's Semi Formal. Before we head out to dance our hearts away a few of the seniors are getting together for appetizers and wine. I have decided I am going to make these stuffed jalapenos' to bring. I know there are lots of events similar to this coming up so I wanted to share the recipe.

1. Slice the jalapeno in half and take out the middle part.
[Note to self: We learned at this part just how hot
peppers can be! Don't touch your eyes!]

2. Soften 2 cream cheese packets

3. Combine cream cheese, 3/4 bag shredded cheddar
cheese and chopped up green onion. Mix and fill hollow jalapenos.

4. Wrap stuffed jalapenos in bacon

5. Bake at 350

Have a wonderful day!