Guilty Pleasures

I try very hard on a day to day basis to eat healthy, be productive and manage my time well. However I do find myself slipping up on some of my guilty pleasures. Whose to say one glass of chocolate milk or one extra 30 minutes of TV is going to kill me? Ha, these guilty pleasures however still require self control because I could find myself indulging in them all day! I'll share some of them..

When I should be drinking water (which is something I am trying to drink more of!) I instead love a glass of chocolate milk. My inner child comes out and it is so good! Those extra calories are not my friend however.

When I should be accomplishing something off my to do list I instead can't turn away from the show Criminal Minds. I am not normally into these types of shows however this one has caught my attention. The team members are so smart, I just love watching how they solve the cases. The bad part is when one Criminal Minds comes on normally another one follows- that's two hours of TV! Sigh, I can't resist.

Shopping, this probably tops them all! My sister just reminded me that no, I do not need to add to my enormous shoe collection. But if I see a pair of to die for nude leather pumps am I going to pass them up? Um, no! Shopping is therapy, it gets my mind off anything  bothering me. Not to mention a new outfit makes you feel pretty and what girl doesn't want to feel glamorous?! I will try to cut back but no promises(;