One of Singapore's Best Kept Secrets: NUS MUSEUMS

Forget the overhyped ArtScience Museum at MBS, there's a whole new world to be found at the NUS Museums at Kent Ridge, one of Singapore's best kept secrets. The best part: its totally FREE. My son and I spent a quiet Saturday morning hour at this gem, and had the run of the house as there were no other visitors in sight! Below are some of the current exhibits, which included a salute to the old museums and collections of Malaya, an Indonesian installation art project involving refuse and recycling, a look at a demolished keramet and its longtime shaman, the priceless Ng Eng Teng scupture collection and NUS's famous collection of Chinese antiquities.

Skeletal relics of the Raffles Collection.

Assorted primates.

The Mohamed Din Mohamed collection.

Quotable quotes may be found all around the museum.

The Indonesian installation art project.

The Sufi and the Bearded Man

Panorama of the Ng Eng Teng collection.

Father and Son, by Ng Eng Teng.

The NUS Museum's permanent collection.

The "Shard" Room.