What ever happend to...

Handwritten Thank You Notes??

I don't think there is anything more sincere than a handwritten thank you note, get well card, birthday card, etc. The art has unfortuantly been lost and replaced with online cards and happy birthday text messages. I sent someone a get well soon card not to long ago and received a phone call thanking me for my thoughtfulness. The person said she had only been receiving phone calls and the card meant so much. Thats when I realized it's time we all get back on the train of handwriting our thank you cards!

Here are some tips for writing yours and making it thoughtful!

1. Get some adorable stationary
(I prefore stationary that does not actually say "thank you" in large letters on the front, with this kind you can use it for more than just a thank you card. You can also get them personalized! This site has some great ones.)
2. Some postage stamps to keep at your house
3. Greet who the card is for with a simple " Dear Abby, "
4. Express your gratitude (and mean it!)
5. Say something nice about the item and how you will use it
6. Make it personal
"It was great to see you at the park last month, will you be at Realy for Life this year?"
7. Grace "Thanks again for your gift/help/etc
8. Regards "Love, Amanda"
(and yes your signature means cursive please)

Have a wonderful day!