Tips on Choosing Earrings

Accessorizing an outfit is something innate in women. Unlike men, women tend to use more than just the dress and essential accessories. They prefer matching necklaces, bracelets, bangles and most important of all earrings. As such, earrings are one of the fashion accessories that can accentuate the whole look of a lady either giving her a chic or an elegant look.

Fashion earrings are a fabulous choice for not only daily wear but also on momentous occasions such as a marriage and engagement parties. For women who love to frequent out into the nightlife, fashion earrings can be their best friend. Large bangle sized earrings compliment party dresses well while for a more modest look, a classic pearl earring with an evening gown can be best. For daily wear purposes, imitation stones, murano glass and dichroic glass earrings are a few more choices.

The way to choose the right fashion earrings is to match it to the outfit or to contrast with it. For example, a colourful outfit for a party could be either matched with earrings of the same color or with earrings that match the shapes or print of the dress. Black earrings along with white dresses or vice versa is a lovely example of contrasting pairs. As such, there are no guidelines or techniques to getting the combination right, because what earrings one should wear is not only governed by the dress but also by the other accessories such as handbags, shoes, belts, bracelets and most important of all necklaces. In fact, earrings when used along with matching necklaces go a long way in enhancing the overall look. If for some dress, choosing the right earring is a problem then it is best to use a combination of matching fashion earrings and necklaces.

Earrings are not just a woman's fashion accessory. In fact, men like to wear certain types of fashion earrings especially studs and ordinary types. Unlike women, men often tend to wear a single earring rather than a pair. As such a stark white gold or silver stud would go perfectly well for men in any occasion.

For children and teenagers, fashion earrings are a perfect choice. These allow girls to portray their personality without being too extravagant. Furthermore, fashion earrings can be used by them on a regular basis without giving parents heart attacks every time they lose a precious earring.

Although fashion earrings are a splendid choice for parties as well as special occasions other than for daily use, they can easily lose their worth in a matter of a few months. Unlike gold, silver or platinum, these items are susceptible to the forces of nature and shall ultimately corrode and lose their shine and value. Taking care of these earrings every day is a must. One must wipe them clean every night and put them safely in a container that is air-tight so as to keep moisture away. Every time a fashion earring loses its shine, use a weak acid solution or soap solution to clean it. Whatever you do, do not use strong acids that you would normally use with gold or platinum since these would eat into the earrings. Keeping these fashion earrings safe for longer shall entitle you to a larger collection of earrings to choose for occasions.
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(Published in The Sunday Times on 24 December 2012)
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